Thursday, February 18, 2021

Bought Three-A Resources, Sold Freight and latest

I have decided to make some changes on my holdings by first selling all 17,500 units of Freight Management which happens to be a very well managed company. Even then, I felt that the recent rise of logistic companies provided a good enough price for me to sell.

From that sale, I decided to buy 10,000 units of Three-A resources (3A - 0012) as I felt that it has not been much followed by many investors. Typically like the business as it is trading at below 13x PE. So who says that we cannot find value during the time when some sector's valuation have gone very high - technology sector mostly.

I think it is attractive given the sustainability of its business - i.e. caramel food applications.

At the same time, I have converted all the 136,000 units of WCEHB-PA into WCEHB.

Below is the latest holding.


Laihermond said...

Dear Bro
what is the conversation price for 1 PA to 1 mother share?


felicity said...

4 sen

chelvis7 said...

Hi Felice, that means you bought 136,000 units of WCEBhd-PA at 0.24sen (was not able to see this activity in the whole blog) and after convert to WCEBHD it is about 0.28sen?

felicity said...

Ya. This kind of activity one will not be able to see

Kolom PC said...
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