Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Good twist of questioning by Noelle Lim on BFM on Sasbadi CEO

 I liked the way Noelle changed her question when she interviewed the CEO of Sasbadi. I am sure that the CEO was not going to be frank when he was interviewed especially with questions on the competitiveness of our students especially on PISA test. He was questioned as well on teaching English in Maths and Science and it was clear that the CEO was not going to be frank preferring to protect his business rather than being forefront on it.

On the prospect of Sasbadi, to be frank given the experience that I have gone through in teaching my children during the MCO, I do not see a positive light of school text books. In fact, during the short period as mentioned by the CEO, the business is affected due to their inability to push their books through the schools. This means whenever a parent like me go to a bookstore, we have much more options. In fact the options is even more prevalent when I go online.

Quite a number of the old traditional business channels and methods will be affected especially now the choices have opened up.

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