Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Not surprising that Yee Lee is doing a quick takeover exercise

Wilmar which part of its business is selling cooking oil in China, just announced a good result considering the huge impact from COVID-19 in China. This is what it reads for Wilmar which sells flour, cooking oil in China largely.

"Being a producer of essential products for both food and non-food categories, the Group’s operations were not significantly impacted by the various stages of lockdowns globally. Demand for the Group’s consumer products grew amidst the COVID-19 pandemic as household consumption increased due to the implementation of movement restriction measures globally. Sales volume for consumer products grew by 34.8% to 2.9 million MT in 1Q2020, mainly from increased demand for the Group’s consumer staples such as rice, flour and cooking oil."

Back here in Malaysia, Yee Lee which just announced a takeover offer after a failed in 2019, this time offering at a lower price of RM2.06.

One of Yee Lee's larger business is cooking oil under the brand "Helang". At the first time of offering, its offered price was deemed "not fair but reasonable" - which is common for Malaysian companies in Bursa nowadays.

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