Wednesday, November 20, 2019

WCE 2Q19: Commentaries on progress and accounting

WCE has just announced its financial report for 2Q19 which we would have expected as the company has yet to start toll operation. It has just reported a loss for the quarter and that is because it has to account for interest expense for the sections that is completed because it cannot capitalised the interest anymore. (These are accounting treatment but I do not see it starting to pay interest yet)

The higher finance costs can be seen as above. Its explanation is as per below.

Another point of note which we do not see in the previous announcements. This is more important as it foresees it will not be able to register profits for several years in its account as mentioned below due to interest expense which of course would be higher as it is bearing the full loan's interest in the early years as well as usual amortisation costs while waiting for the toll revenue to improve over time. However, we could see that the project to be cashflow positive as mentioned below. (I have mentioned before of losses in the early years while cashflow would be different) Of course these are all projections and forward looking statement.

It also mentioned that it expects to commence toll collection by December 2019. Let's see.

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