Monday, October 21, 2019

Will the value of Grab drop because of this?

We know that Grab has put its focus on Indonesia, so much so that the Malaysian founder Anthony Tan moved to Indonesia as his base. This is because for Grab, Indonesia is such a huge market that it cannot ignore. Singapore has lured to be the first base - but the country's size and market is not attractive enough despite the $$$ offered. Malaysia has tried to reach out to him for several endeavors but I have been made to understand that he ignored Malaysia as he thinks that Indonesia will make him his billions. Not the wrong thoughts. Until...

Well, then the latest news, is that Grab's biggest competitor in South East Asia, Gojek's founder has been asked to join Jokowi's cabinet. We know who is the preferred son then. Do we believe that Gojek's founder is going to be impartial?

Well, the moral of this story is there is no such thing as adopted country or adopted sons.

Back to Malaysia, if the country is not supporting its own business people, so who do we expect to get support from. Indonesia's Jokowi has done so much for its own business people, such as the current ambassador to Malaysia is actually the owner of Lion Air and indirectly Malindo. There is this thinking that at one point of time, Malaysia's government does not mind to bring Lion Air into Malaysia to suppress Airasia. If MAS cannot do it, bring another competitor. If one country is not strong enough, borrow the strength of our neighbor.

Moral of the story, if they are vocal, shut them down, invite our neighbors to stop our own people. It is allright to do that. After all, our neighbor's children are better.

Malaysia is the best. One of our Ministers, went all the way to invite Gojek into Malaysia, with red carpet and open all doors. There is no better country who invite foreign businesses with open arms than Malaysia. We are the most meritocratic when we do not need it. When we need it, we did the opposite.

Lessons learned. No country is fully open for business. They will support theirs - i.e. their people born and bred. Huawei (China), Samsung (Korea), Lion Air (Indonesia), Boeing (US), rapeseed oil (EU). Do these companies or industry serve as an example?

What then, Malaysia?

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