Saturday, January 26, 2019

First Wing Tai, then MWE this year Suiwah

2017 it was Wing Tai Malaysia.
2018 MWE.
This year 2019, it is Suiwah.

Let me tell you they use the same formula i.e. little trading. Why little trading? It is because they have no intention to expose themselves to the shareholders. These are companies that treat the company as their private company anyway. Remember, where Jho Low comes from. What is the background of his family. Where his father, Larry Low was attached to as a director before? MWE. And coincidentally, all these companies have background from Penang.

They learned from each other.

I can bet you that Suiwah is buying from public very very cheap. High chance, it is going to use Mercury as advisor, or maybe M&A Securities. At the point of writing the Net Asset Value of Suiwah was RM3.30 per share and, it is offering RM2.80. It probably did not do revaluation for a long while.

Be careful on these type of companies. They are not keen to treat the shareholders well at all. At AGMs, they are hoping that the AGMs end fast so that we do not ask questions. They do not think of WIN - Win. The good ones in their business, they pass to their family business. For us investors, we do not mind if our win is smaller but at least they treat us a partners.

In their case, they are using us as like their gambling playground.

Note: I am NOT particularly referring the scenario towards Wing Tai, MWE or Suiwah but these are certainly true for some companies that are listed in Malaysia.

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Multi said...

Couldnt agree more. Where share prices are depressed, they couldnt resist the temptation.