Friday, August 10, 2018

Go and approach Elon Musk

It seems that the idea of privatisation by Elon Musk to take Tesla private is getting more real by the day.

As of today, if we are looking at pure numbers, the valuation of $70+ billion is crazy but if we look at the future, it may not be. What's more for some parties whom would want to reboot their national car plan. It appears that Malaysia now is dead serious about having a new national car, and it is almost a no brainer that Electric Vehicle is the way to go. There is no point creating cars from the combustion engine and we are just an adopter of technology. The EV initiative will be different as there are much more to the car in terms of innovation.

The infrastructure is also needing rethink as EV cars are running on batteries. The charge stations etc. A country like Malaysia can relook at the entire scenario- never mind we do not have the money as almost on daily basis we are hearing the tricks that the old government has done to squeeze every penny from the kitty - whether it is real of not with the RM19 billion refunds on GST.

Anyway, I would suggest for us to approach Elon Musk and the only probable investment fund that can do this is Khazanah.

I would think it is time for us to rethink and reboot the mentality of sure winners in investments as if we are looking at within into nation building. Tesla is surely worth a try and are we ready with RM40 billion for a 10% stake with further local investments? Just a ball park figure.

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