Saturday, June 9, 2018

Good start, but it is not just Bernas!

I applaud the government for having the guts to go against a monopoly which was created more than 15 years ago. Almost every time I take rice, I am mindful of the staple of this country is a business that is monopolised by one single company.

I am just hoping that with this the current government can also look at other monopolies as well. The list of those are as follows:

- Astro - being the only one which has satellite license;
- Tenaga Nasional - yes controlled by PNB but we need to allow an open system for power;
- Malaysia Airport - except for Senai airport, all airports have been under the control of this company. Look at what opening on ownership of airports have done for Europe and US. We need to lead the way and I am confident Malaysia today is even more ahead against our neighboring countries;
- Telekom Malaysia and Timedotcom for fiber optic usage. I think their control is the main reason why our internet is expensive. Although the current Multimedia Minister has mentioned of wanting to reduce the costs of broadband by half and increase the speed 2x, these are trends which are happening all over the world. Even without the Minister saying it, it is bound to happen. More need to be done i.e. democratising or relook at the ownership of broadband fiber rather than having Telekom to own the most of it;
- Grab - yes, Grab pretty much has no competitor, the weakness of previous government at the height of election period just do not know what to do when Uber was taken over by Grab. The government today under a much proactive Minister of Transport I hope is doing something about this. We complained about the previous taxi license misuse but Grab is heading that direction;
- relook at e-commerce as it is going to be monopolised by large groups which believe or not will impact Malaysian businesses;
- unit trusts - while it is not monopolised, please look at the charges - perhaps MOF or Minister of Economic Affairs can look at this;
- PUSPAKOM - under Ministry of Transport as well;
- FOMEMA - well Ministry of Health or Human Resource. Why is it we do not have options when we want to hire foreign workers for healthcheck?;
- MYEG - I think this is coming as the shares have largely tracked back. People are expecting things to change I guess as the owners obviously have connections to the previous government?;
- yes buses as well - Prasarana seems to be in huge debt but obviously this structure is not the most efficient.

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Anonymous said...

Electricity involve in national security, i'm fine with it as long it is under TNB.

There are many things to be sort out