Monday, May 7, 2018

To Tony Fernandes, sometimes it is better to just keep quiet!

I am a shareholder, hence I believe I have the right to say something.

I have read your book and I respect your entrepreneurial mind and spirit which is also why I own shares on companies that you lead.

However, I am hoping that being a businessman, do like what many business people are, be impartial. In your biography, you mentioned that it was Dr Mahathir that is the one whom have approved for your airline business. He was very supportive of your endeavor. Obviously, today by you coming out to support Barisan Nasional is because of some of their policies in supporting your business. Thailand helps you isn't it although at one point of time Airasia was partnering Thaksin.

In my mind, whichever the party, they will support Airasia as it has to some extent become the pride of the country.

Hence, you do not need to take side openly.

You have done right by reducing the air fare for people to go and vote. (and in the process, Airasia will make more through these travels)

As a CEO, one must also know that Airasia despite being a low costs airline, it is still the middle classes to more affluents whom will be more often than not travel via your airline. As you have said, it is the customers that counts than the government. I understand that by supporting the government of the day, you will be provided with infrastructural support - from landing rights to airports.

However, one does not need to do that. Over the last few weeks or even more, we have seen anger among some of the rakyat. These people can decide to pay a RM100 more to go to Malindo, MAS, SIA just to make a point to you. Why not? There are people whom donates more than the RM100 to political parties of their choice.

So why cause them to hate you. The ones that are taking Airasia, more often than not, they are from the urban areas. You know where the votes go to in KL, PJ, Penang. I do not have the data that you have but I am very sure, they fly more than the people from Arau, for example.

So, sometimes one does not need to be that vocal. It helps.


Tim said...

I wouldn't be too hard on TF - he's probably done the most out of any of us to get voters home with his flight promos.

Read in between the lines - he has not posted anything about BN on his social media, not even the badminton do with LCW. I'd say he's probably being arm-twisted into the whole thing. We can sit in our armchairs and critique him, but who knows what they are threatening the AA group with.

shrobin said...

Operating business license control by Najib!

Unknown said...

So, Felice, will you sell?

felicity said...

No, Nixiao 1 mistake will not make me sell.

Unknown said...

So do I. What can he do to repair the situation?

felicity said...

In business, someone else say it on your behalf is better than you do it yourself, but ideally he should come out and say something.