Thursday, November 9, 2017

Ekovest: seen many times funds vs owners & retailers

First of all, I am not a trader. Hence, this post does not mean I mainly look at trades, however as an investor I have to be smart on short term movements, psychology in among traders especially funds.

Ekovest, if one notice its latest Annual Report has added on institutional investors. While many have opinions that institutional are good, to me IT DEPENDS. Ekovest's shares have been bought by institutionals especially when Datuk Haris sold his block. During then, Ekovest's shares have huge volatility and of course when there are huge swings, many retailers like to take part. Some are caught at around RM1.45 to RM1.50 (one has to note that Ekovest's shares have split from 1 to 2.5 early this year and has given 25 sen dividend after its sale of 40% of DUKE).

This time around, it seems (while I am positive or rather see very little impact), I think funds are negative on Ekovest's proposal to acquire as they deem it as a rescue of IWCITY. I obviously differ in my opinion.

To me, it is quite obvious - the owners and sponsors see this deal as positive for Ekovest. They have hence in the short period of time decided to buy more shares of the company they control. I see this as quite common actually. While funds are funds and they can impact the short term trade of the stocks they own, they however move in herds.

I have actually seen this in many strong fundamental stocks - Airasia, NTPM, Padini are among some of them. All of them have funds relinquishing and frankly Airasia was the classic. One guy from Hong Kong gave a negative comment and some of the large funds (in US) started to sell (strongly advice to read this link and reflect again) - at a period when the fundamentals actually turned to the positive. It is most of the time started with the same concern - gearing and gearing.

As long as the fundamental of the company is sound - the idealogy is when funds sell, we slowly pick. Again, as long as the fundamental is strong - this is important.

In Ekovest, I see that same. Ekovest is not used to funds investing in their stocks. One can run through their annual reports of yesteryears. This year is the difference where funds are started to pick up the stock.

As a small retail investor, I see these as opportunities - which is why I say, one can be small but we can actually perform better. Some people simply call this as "contrarian" strategy.


reyes430 said...

hi felicity,

the merger proposal first need to get independent director approval then follow by shareholder approval right? Will it be voted in coming AGM on 23rd?

felicity said...

No. Not so soon. The full proposal yet to even finalise

reyes430 said...

noted with thanks. Are you going on coming AGM? haha

felicity said...

I may.

cykoay said...

Anyone going to be my proxy to block the deal?