Monday, October 9, 2017

Are you buying Media Prima? Seriously?

I remember a friend of mine whose parents owned TheStar's stock which they bought for RM2000 for ownership of 2,000 units way before it was listed - and years later (if I can remember in 1993), that 2,000 shares of TheStar became 22,000 stocks before listing. Basically, that one investment allowed his parents to send him and his sister to New Zealand and Australia to do their degrees as the shares later was easily worth more than RM150,000. That was 1990s.

Now, if I want to ask. Do you bother to reach out to newspaper the first thing you wake up? Berita Harian, NST, Star or would any person who is below 50 be reaching out to their mobile phone. Remember, 20 years ago it was a very different world.

Today, I can get my news from my facebook account, google - basically everywhere.

Now, there is this blog that have been asking people to buy Media Prima stock which I do not understand. Where is Media Prima heading? I don't know. Most probably downward. Basically, for a company which owns NST, BH, TV3, NTV7 and some of the radio channels - things are NOT looking brightly for the company.

Yes, one can possibly make short term upside as it could probably be oversold - but what if it does not pick up. This kind of stock will NEVER pick up anymore if it does know how to. What one gets is that one last puff from his cigarette butt.

And the last time I saw, it is not like Media Prima is on firesale. How much can one make from that company. Will it move to RM1.20? The way I see it is that the downside is clearer than the upside. If one got caught at the high, it will not come back.

This is the kind of stock which I would not even bother to read their financials and try to understand the purchase of Rev Asia's digital business as Rev Asia never really make money anyway. If RevAsia is good business, the owner would not sell. Whether, Media Prima writes off its Malaysian Newsprint Industries ownership or not does not matter.

There are space which we can easily figure out. Even if Media Prima will make extra from its advertisement - taking opportunity of the pending election spending. That is one last hurray.

Are we living in a country where one day - in the near future - Facebook, Google, Whatsapp, Baidu will be banned? Can one see who will win the content war? Why is it that TheStar introduced in an ever crowded content platform. TheStar will not go anywhere with that introduction as it is facing a tough task to compete against many - Astro, iFlix, Netflix and all the OTTs (Over The Top) out there. Even with that, variety of platforms are trying to get our attention as compared to the traditional TV and Radio in the old days.

Today, TV is not even our second screen that we are using. First, it is mobile, then PC. TV is not needed anymore. Radio is something nice to have when we are in the car.

Has anyone heard of FANG stocks - basically the company that are dominating the content sphere - Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google.

Nothing that the government introduce will dramatically change Media Prima. The company's distribution could go fully digital - but that's about it. It can go save some money but how much will that save the traditional media business which Media Prima is largely immersed into?

One just have to be really careful and not be excited even if Morgan Stanley is buying.

The gist of thing is that if one wants to get people to push up Media Prima shares - why don't promote something else - as this stock could be a really painful stock to own.


Anonymous said...

btw, great to see you back in posting mode.

Kelvin said...

great to see you back here! I'm searching for information on WCE and Hengyuan and that's how I came across to your blog, i love to read your article and the way you analyze. Thanks for sharing your thought to us.

Anonymous said...

Hhahahaha!!! this is a good post!
Well there is really no value on MEDIA prima, especially we all know some famous blogger just take money and push the share up, while the follower suffer for years kena trap

Anonymous said...

So, u dont think there is a bottom to it? not even 20sen?

Unknown said...

good points. Investing stock is not that hard after all. always avoid those stock like this one

felicity said...

So, u dont think there is a bottom to it? not even 20sen?

In my blog above, I did say, it is not on firesale. There is a difference between good businesses at a good price against bad companies at a cheap price. A bad company eventually will succumb to the cheap price level over time. It is like one who have bought TheStar for example. They were giving good dividends but at last succumbing to its poor fundamentals.

Anonymous said...

I like your view on business. We know only good fundamental will make a company to long lasting. However, we shall not forget those who are speculating.