Monday, July 10, 2017

Airasia and MAHB should just communicate more

It seems we have no choice and Airasia has less choice as well. Most of Malaysian airports are operated by a single operator - MAHB and that will not change in the next 5 - 10 years. There are (almost) no competitors. The entire KLIA2 seems to be for Airasia and Airasia X. I know Airasia is now a regional airlines and they could have focus their energy and routes into Thailand, Philippines or India for example, but MAHB is not stupid to know that Malaysia is probably still the most profitable base for Airasia.

I was at KLIA2 a week ago, and I noticed the self check-in machine can now print baggage tags. From this, I thought that I do not need to queue to check in my luggage anymore, but that is not so. I was telling the Airasia's staff that was assigned to help those to do self check-in that the printing of tags does not change anything as I still have to queue to to deliver my bags. She agreed. As I would have thought, there is a missing step which Airasia would pursue in the future.

From reading the below article (, I guess now what the self-service printing of tags are for. In some airports, once can actually do self check in of bags, hence reducing manpower costs - i.e. part of better automation which we need.

Tony Fernandes slams MAHB for allegedly failing to provide bag drop machines

PETALING JAYA: AirAsia Group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes has criticised Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) for its failure to offer the low-cost carrier baggage facilities at its airports throughout the country.
Expressing that he was "fed up" with MAHB, Fernandes claimed that the airport operator had promised 30 bag drop machines this month.
"Zero and now they say no budget!!!!!!!!," he said in a Facebook posting yesterday.
Fernandes also claimed that AirAsia Bhd CEO Aireen Omar had offered to pay for the machines two years ago, but MAHB had insisted on providing the facilities.
Calling on MAHB not to behave like a "monopoly", he further praised the Senai Airport in Johor, describing it as a "hard working private entrepreneurial".
The airport is currently operated by Senai Airport Terminal Services Sdn Bhd and one of the few in the country not operated by MAHB.
"We need more 'Senai airports' in Malaysia. Create more entrepreneurs. More economic activity. Hope the new (MAHB) chairman Tan Sri Syed Zainol Anwar Syed Putra Jamalullail and (MAHB chief strategy officer) Azli (Mohamed) will sort out the mess," he said.

My reading of this is also bringing to me that actually there is very little communication between MAHB and Airasia. I think both are at fault as it could have been resolved amicably. I know and I have also complained before MAHB is really monopolistic in behaviour, but that is what we have to put up with in Malaysia. Unless, Airasia does not intend to operate Malaysia as a significant base.
As mentioned, Airasia has some negotiation power as it is not an airline that is dependent on Malaysia alone - but still close to 50% of its passengers are using Malaysian airports (those that are run by MAHB). I guess both parties have to suck it up  - and I have to admit it will not be easy to do for both the bosses - as MAHB can really act like any Malaysian GLCs. 

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I think Air Asia and MAHB should sort out this matter at their earliest convenience because its not only effecting their reputation but is also causing inconvenience to their passengers.