Tuesday, April 11, 2017


I just sold Ecoworld International's WA as it is too small in number that I owned, and also the premium is just too high with its exercise price at RM1.45 and the shares is selling at RM0.395.

I just would like to add that the recent craze over penny stocks as well as warrants running much faster than its parent share is just too unbelievable. It should not happen this way but stock markets are never efficient right?

I still believe in the stock market for this year as we had very poor run over more than 3 years for Bursa. However, one should also be wary of some of the stocks being over-run.

I do not want to mention stock names as people can be saying that I am discouraging investments. Do however look for companies that have yet to make any movement while those that have very little fundamentals but yet they have moved 50% or more.

One must also consider that in times like this, everyone is a super investor and smart. This is also the time for owners of weak companies to dispose to the smaller shareholders as they do not intend to hold to their stocks anymore. In times like this, it is more often that non-fundamental companies to run as the owners may not even be focusing on their business but become a stock market player.

Only the good companies with focused management will focus on running their businesses as it is the harder thing to do rather than playing the market.

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