Friday, March 24, 2017

The run up of a penny stock

The recent run up of some of the penny stocks is just an opportunity for the owners to get out. The below is one of them. All of them are sales and in very large quantities - more than 10% of the total stocks available (done in a day or two) - can one imagine?

The link here, is just one of the example. For any speculators (who gambles), one should wish that he/she followed the right wave. Otherwise, there would not be any more comebacks as these are stocks which the controlling shareholders do not want at all. In fact, they know they do not want the warrants especially to be converted. They just want to dump it out. Even if it is converted, one do not know how they are going to use the money raised.

If there is a second wave, it is really luck. I would not want to touch these in all scenarios although can be tempting.

Disclaimer: Not all penny stocks are bad, but the above is not one of the good ones.

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