Friday, March 24, 2017

Buying Gamuda-WE and selling Ecoworld and Insas-WB

I have to admit, I trade much lesser than many. Usually, my style is to buy and lay low during bad market times. When it gets hot like what it is right now, I will try to reposition some of my holdings. I can do this because I see stocks as a long term investment and if you read most of articles, these money that I put in is meant to be held long term.

For those that have need for the shorter term, such as children's education needs, medical, house deposits, car deposits, my style of investment is not really ideal. You can however still invest based on the percentage that you are comfortable with.

All these while, if you have looked at my past records, all of those purchases that are made are really fundamental stocks except for a small handful which fundamental have changed. Among those are YFG and Parkson and maybe even AEON.

Over the last 2 days, besides buying Freight Management, I have also done the following:

  1. sold all of my Ecoworld at RM1.50.

I thought that since there are potentially other stocks which may be more attractive, I can opt to let go EcoWorld and revisit this stock later. There is no doubt that EcoWorld is still a very attractive stock. It has the best management, which is why I have bought them, and this company will be one of the best property players (if not the best) in the years to come.

In selling, Ecoworld, I have also opt to take the offer for shareholders to take up EcoWorld International which is going for IPO soon. I was offered only 700 units but I did apply for excess and I will report when if I am provided more.

2. sold all of Insas-WB

I think this is because of the premium of about 41 sen and perhaps it is a little too high for my liking. I will still hold Insas.

3. Purchase 3500 of Gamuda-WE

If Insas-WB has a high premium, Gamuda-WE (exercise price-RM4.05) on the other hand, has a 3.21% premium and it has 4 more years (6 March 2021) to expiry. In purchasing Gamuda-WE, I obviously am confident of the parent company. It is trading at RM5.29 now. To be in the money, Gamuda has to move to RM5.44. I am confident of it able to move beyond RM5.50 or more, in the next few years considering the projects that it has gotten. One of the largest, where Gamuda is the project delivery partner - MRT2, has just commenced.

As compared to many of my other holdings, I do not think I will need to introduce Gamuda much. Most of the analysis done are about to what I believe. It owns toll concession assets - Litrak, Kesas, SPRINT. It is trying to sell its water concession - SPLASH.

Has many construction projects on hand - MRT2, completing MRT1, Pan Borneo  (to the tune of RM8 billion order book) and many are speculating the company is in very good position to at least get future rail projects such as Gemas-JB rail, East Coast Rail Line. Basically, this is one of the best construction firm in Malaysia and currently construction theme is still pretty hot.

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