Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Vivocom is potentially a Hoa...

I do not want to deliberate on a very good discovery on the early release of report by CIMB prior to the quarterly announcement by the company itself. How can it be?

This however also shows one should not trust a company as such and its perpetrator.

If one is to look at the company and at its free cashflow, one should wonder. They raised funds to cover the operating expenses. How is it valued at RM0.60, I wonder.

I cannot remember how many rounds of placements that it has made and the beauty of this company is that it is better at doing this kind of work than Asia Media. It still survives and can still have a valuation of 60+ sen by a respected IB. Just count, how many free warrants it has created.

I have written about Vivacom (formerly Instacom) and I think not much has changed, perhaps even more cruel and unsympathetic over people, but to enrich themselves.

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