Tuesday, November 8, 2016

PRS Investment Performance

4 years ago, I invested RM3,000 into Private Retirement Scheme to take advantage of the tax benefits (see especially point no 7). However, after that 4 years, sadly to say it has not helped me much except for helping the industry to grow. Although I do not reveal which fund it is, obviously I have invested into growth fund and I can only say it is one of the more prominent fund company.

I do not track the performance of other funds but it seems that our fund industry has not been able to show their worth. The government has given incentives to promote the public into investing into our unit trusts but I can't see them proving to people their worth.


Unknown said...

Exactly most of the funds are not performing so how can they help u and me in our retirement days. I see no logic in investing in them except getting the tax benefits.

Malaysia Stock Talk said...

For a savvy investor like you, if you self-manage the RM3k, the long term return could likely be higher than investing in PRS after considering tax deduction, PRS entry fee and annual fund management fee.

felicity said...

I started to think that way, but be very careful of over confidence. After all these thought, perhaps managing my own is better!