Monday, May 23, 2016

My little blogging

I know I have not been writing much especially on other counters besides Airasia. Looking back to 2 December 2015, when I wrote this, it was tough because there were so much negativity in the stock. I saw one huge opportunity and continued to write despite its ridiculous pessimism on the company by so many readers.

Part of the snapshot of the article I wrote then
During then, the thought by many people was that Airasia was almost going down the path of Malaysia Airlines. If you search my writings, I have written about MAS as well but it was more towards my pessimism over the company - but not Airasia.

Investors or even most analysts are weird people, they follow the herd. If you look here, during then Airasia's price targets in most cases was lower then RM2.00. One even priced Airasia at RM1.05. What makes them changed their perception 5 months later? Isn't an investor or advisor (analysts) supposed to see ahead than based on past and short term results?


Schuan said...

I brought Airasia on December because of your blog. Thank you for your sharing!

ronnie said...

AirAsia reported impressive results today.

Kudos to you Felicity

Unknown said...

Wow.You must have made a lot. Good judgement.