Thursday, May 5, 2016

MWE's land sale: Is the price right?

MWE just announced a sale of several combined piece of land (making up a golf course, I presume) together with the golf course management company at total value of RM70.1 million (RM54.93 million + RM15.17 million - owing for the gold course). The total land size is 481,925 sq mtr or 5,187,397 sq ft., hence making the valuation for the price of the leasehold land at RM13.51/sq ft.

Where is the land? As below, it is near Denai Alam, Sunway Kayangan and Cahaya SPK.

Monterez Golf and Country Club which is possibly the property which MWE sold

My question is, shouldn't the land be worth more as adjacent land around the area are worth around RM150 nowadays.

I am not good at looking the difference between a golf course and a commercial or residential property, but it looks weird that there is such a huge difference.

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