Sunday, April 17, 2016

Airasia: Harder for founders to get private placements through?

Boo!!! So Tony Fernandes and partner did a dare and announced a placement to themselves and the minorities bought it. Now we think the shares of Airasia is not RM1.84 but higher. (You see investment besides fundamentals is a perception game in the short run)

It is a voting machine in the short run, but a weighing machine in the long run. (Airasia had that moment in the last 1 year, where it started with GMT)

Despite Bursa approving the placement, will it get pass the minorities hands? At today's price of RM2.13, it is after all 16.1% [(RM2.09-1.80)/RM1.80 - after dividend] premium over the price they supposed to purchase at - RM1.80.

The founders will not be able to vote and Airasia has a largely huge free float. Will all these shareholders vote for the placements - which I think needs a minimum >50% approval?

Now it seems a rights is a fairer option - but not necessarily a preferred option for the founders and short term shareholders.

But do remember, stock is a weighing machine in the long run!

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ronnie said...

This is a dangerous precedent.

Many other controlling shareholders will follow suit if this placement goes through.