Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Genting: How can one continues to pay himself higher when underperformed?

Genting Berhad's annual report for 2014 was out yesterday. Needless to say, unfortunately for the last few years I am not impressed at all.

To me it should not be a public company if it continues to pay the directors ridiculous amount of salary while it underperforms. If it is private, it can pay whatever amount they like. Just look at the 5-year performance below. It continued to grow its capital but it continued to amazingly underperform.

And it continues to pay the directors higher. Salaries and bonuses for executive directors grew from RM98.8 million to RM114.8 million despite the profit attributable to equity holders dropped from RM1.81 billion to RM1.5 billion. Remuneration for one person is RM151.6 million.

What did that person do? Reversed the fortunes of the group - towards substantially better to be able to be rewarded so much?

To top it off it is the non-executive directors, who signed off the accounts.


David Chan said...

Hi Felicity,

Any comment on the Insas? Quarter report was out last week. Are you still confidence with it?

From DavC

felicity said...

Yes, I am still holding on to the shares. It is an investment holding company, one of the better valuation is book value. Insas book value is much higher than its share price today.

Malaysia Stock Talk said...

At AGM, shareholders can question the remuneration committee the reason for the increase in the remuneration of that particular director when financial performance of the group has deteriorated.