Monday, April 27, 2015

Bursa limits information to 5 years ONLY?

While checking out some information, I realised that I am able to search for information on a particular company only for the last 5 years (see below diagram). In the past I was able to obtain information for any particular company since 1999 if not mistaken as long as they were around since then.

Information for more than 5 years is definitely needed as one will need to look at trends or any changes that occurred, or even identify the progress of each of the company.

I am not so sure if this is due to Bursa limiting it temporarily due to some housekeeping reasons or is this permanent. If it is permanent, I will definitely need all readers to lobby to request for it to be reinstated to what was offered before. This is the period where information is more than important and critical for the sake of investor's knowledge. It is also when stock exchanges competes for clients - limiting information is many steps backward.

I thought Bursa was doing something great before.


owen81 said...

Support. Info more than 5 years is definitely needed. I have email them looks like this going to be permanent.

Malaysia Stock Talk said...

Get more people to complain to Bursa.
Can write to

owen81 said...

Thanks for the email will definitely write to them

felicity said...

Thanks. Will do as well

felicity said...

This is the latest from Bursa.

Bursa Malaysia had on 20 April 2015 replaced the announcement dissemination system known as Bursa LINK. As we have over 1 million records of announcements made by listed issuers over a span of 15 years, the data migration and verification has to be carried out progressively to ensure data integrity and reliability. During the initial period of migration, only announcements for a period of 5 years from 1 January 2010 are made available on the website. Thereafter, the remaining past announcements on Bursa Malaysia website will be progressively increased to 15 years within 3 months from 20 April 2015.