Friday, December 19, 2014

Fully sold Jobst

This has been a very good stock, business and very humble management that takes care of its shareholders. However, as it is not very clear on its future business after selling a very good business, I have decided to clear all of Jobstreet's stocks.

Couldn't have found a better management.


paperplaneinc said...

why are you selling? Mike has some plan in hand for this company

felicity said...

I would love to know their plans.

paperplaneinc said...

Felicity, since NTPM has poor control on cost, will you switch

paperplaneinc said...

Jobst has been doing share buy back, wouldn't you read it as some thing with hints?

felicity said...

If Jobstreet is doing buyback, that probably means they are getting ready to return the remaining monies to shareholders and they may not have any good new ideas.

In one of the General Meetings, they have mentioned they would be returning all the monies if they have no better ideas. if you really look at them, Jobstreet owns shares in several businesses but they are not controlling shareholder. Recently, it has also started to sell some of these shares.

Also, I am not selling NTPM.

paperplaneinc said...

Yes, according to PN17 rules, if no core business within 2 yrs, have to wind up and sell all assets and give back shr holders.

But if they were to do so, why not delist in first place my thought.

NTPM for me has poor control on their cost, that's why every few years they will face problem when material prices move, or other cost spike up, such as min wages, electricity hike etc.

felicity said...

Jobstreet will not delist now as their assets are in the form of non-cash assets. They would rather be able to share the payment through dividends when they have the cash. I do not put money into something like this unless I have very good feeling where they are heading. As at now, Jobstreet has no interesting business.

On NTPM, I do not think they are poor costs controller. In Malaysia where the bulk of their operations are, costs are getting higher especially these 2 years - labor (minimum wage), gas (diesel) and electricity. That is part of business and their competitors are manufacturing from other bases. It will take several quarters for them to even it out.

paperplaneinc said...

Hi Felicity,

My thought is if we wait till they annouce something interesting for Jobst moving forward, it will be hard to catch any price as of now 0.30, probably they will just launch a takeover of some internet company, or related tech stocks etc.

For NTPM, if labor, etc cost will be moving up in future, would it be better to avoid these manufacturing stocks, focus on rather exporting stocks? Examples sectors to benefit from weak MYR are furniture exporting mainly to US, Gloves sectors, Semiconducter, Lumber exporting etc.

Unknown said...

I am also holding JOBST stocks share and is looking for a further rise in the price as I am also using intraday SGX signals to make diversified investment.