Monday, September 22, 2014

Keuro-WE: Let it go!

Well, I have just let go 6000 units of Keuro-WE.

If you have read Chinese newspaper, Oriental Daily, basically the project has already commenced. Some part of it is expected to complete by 2018, while the entire project supposed to complete by 2019. So what is the expected risk in this project - you will have to hold for long term and will not know how good a prospect it will be. There is not going to be dividend for the next few years, at the very least. For now, I am hoping that the stock will go into consolidation phase if that is the case.

My portfolio looks like below.


Bn911 said...

Wondering with this attractive price, will big boys like EPF,Tabung Haji and etc start to buy slowly. Usually, big boys will plan few years ahead.

felicity said...

There is one fund which has bought - but in most funds unless there are coverage on the company, they usually do not dare to touch.

Funds will not dare to touch until there are coverage. Got to protect their ownselves.

Bn911 said...

Erm, I guess private fund will nt dare to invest in Keuro bcz the time frame too long. Most fund manager prefer to look for short to medium term related stock for better return to fund's holder.

felicity said...

That's not true. Many funds are long term in nature. It is just that some may not be making decision without coverage