Friday, September 26, 2014

Buy TA Enterprise

This is not a massive purchase, but I like the stock particularly its strong asset backing. TA as a stockbroker is no longer dominant - quite the right thing to do as the business is not as profitable as what it used to be before. Commissions is now reduced.

However, TA is still a careful and diligent investor. TA has nowadays been more interested into buying assets overseas - hence if you want some exposure overseas, this is one company. It has been buying hotels - good long term asset hold in very established markets.

I have written about TA some time ago, and during then was cheaper. I think it is not too late though.


FreeMan_自由人 said...

Thanks for giving me a 'final push' of confidence to collect more TA, was swapping my ECM to TA since last week.
#FYI, my ECM was bought long back when you 1st introduced it, and earning few HEAVY meal.
Thank you once again.

felicity said...

Great to hear that