Wednesday, May 21, 2014

KLIA2 a shopping complex?

This is the first time I visit KLIA2 - right smack at the busy time of between 10.00 am to 12.00 pm (may not be peak though). The general feeling is that it is more of a shopping complex than an airport. The shops are definitely closer to each other and hey! KFC (and several others) are just next to the check in counter. Food stores as usual are doing well, and as claimed by Airasia, they probably provide for 80% to 90% of the traffic by the number of flights departing and arriving.

I am looking for food but what is with the non-Malaysian food stalls? There seems to have much much more restaurants that sells non-Malaysian food. In fact, it is harder to find good Malaysian food here. If someone is to leave or just entered the country, they would want to have Malaysian delicacies right?

I do not know why Malaysia Airport's shares recently has dropped - probably due to Najib's comment of possibly let MAS to fold? But my guess is that KLIA2 is to provide a new impetus for Airport's earnings to spike despite what happened to MAS.

Note: MAS will not fold. It will be a General Motors like bankruptcy just to take care of the union issue, as MAS is a national airline. Let me know a country which does not have a national airline!


MMtalents said...

before you write, do some research, the biggest country in the world USA has no national flag carrier.

felicity said...

Well thanks but I guess this is my blog. Can you imagine Malaysian ministers travel on airasia? MAS will still be around.

MMtalents said...

I saw one chief minister travel on AA, when, I hope for the day when all ministers will travel on AA and that day will be the day I proud to be a malaysian

Market Watcher said...

US don't have a "flag carrier" but they have United and Air America.

But I guess the question is which country don't have any airline.. I can think of Nepal and maybe Afganistan lol.

W8 I am wrong - Afgan does have their airline.

And so does Nepal! Even tiny East Timor have an airline.

Market Watcher said...

Feli - care to comment on YTLP's Yes?

The CEO have indicated that:
1) Network was built with LTE in mind
2) Adding LTE is as simple as adding a "channel card"
3) They expect to breakeven soon

I still believe that with a full LTE network, they will have a fighitng chance against the like of Maxis with over RM 50B market cap

GL said...

Felicity Thanks for sharing your perspective on it time to go fishing again? Took some profit at RM7.90 when news of mh370 hit only to find it clawing its way back past 8...Well that's how the market is..agree that Airport fundamentally sound.... With or without MAS... There will be Any airline that to fill the gap as demand is there.....