Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Why selling Talam is a good thing for Keuro

As mentioned before, Keuro has 3 main assets - the West Coast Expressway, Rimbayu project in Selangor and a 30% shareholding in Talam. I would rate the value of the assets in a descending order i.e. WCE would worth a lot assuming the highway is widely used after the completion as it is the other alternative to PLUS between Klang Valley to Taiping. Rimbayu would be a very large project with now Keuro holding an associate stake with IJM developing it, while Talam is just an investment, although it may be worth more than what it is today (in my mind) as some of the assets are at book value which was not revalued for a long time.

Given the analogy of a sports team, if you are a team with some very good players, and some fringe, supporting players and the team will need to sell to grow, what do you think is the best way to go about it. Selling the supporting players, of course as the team would still need to grow around their very best players - and that is the case with Keuro.

It needs the money to grow. Talam will be worth some good money. The issue is how much would Keuro be selling them for assuming it is doing the right thing for its shareholders?

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