Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why good ideas may not have a chance to be good businesses

In US, the best internet search company becomes the largest internet company in the world - Google. Lots of money were invested into the company and they are managed and founded with among the best minds in mathematics.

Then in UK, they have people like Richard Branson whom are willing to try on lots of ideas, in many cases against difficult odds helming the Virgin brand.

In Taiwan, we also see the best of minds with great entrepreneurial spirits - 20 million people and delivering lots of technologies that makes Iphone and many other new gadgets ideas possible.

In Malaysia, we have 1 person who is so talented that he can be good at many things including distributing rice, letters as well as digital television content.

I can understand better now why banks are not interested to lend for small and medium businesses (but rather consumption loans) and why people are against GST.


Akagi Shigeru said...

Ha ha ha . Beware ! Someone will ask you to migrate if you are jealous with his talent. Your post make my day.

Malaysia Investor said...

This is how they empower their people.

Gark said...

Lets see the list...

Sugar - MSM
Gas - GasM
Rice - Bernas (Monopoly)
Car - proton
Truck - Hicom
Sewerage - Indah Water (Monopoly)
Inspection - (Puspakom)
Electricity - MMC
Johor Port (Penang Port) - MMC
4G - Puncak Semangat
Water - Johor Water (Monopoly)
DTST - Puncak Semangat (Monopoly)
Bank - Bank Islam
Mail - Pos Malaysia (Monopoly)

Did i miss out anything else?

World's no 1 genius...

Gark said...

Oh Yeah..
Hotel - Tardewind Corp
Plantation - Tradewind plantations
properties - ?

AdCool said...

You miss out Bank Muamalat and he has been aiming for KTM for sometime now.

In Malaysia, we aren't promoting entrepreneurship but more to a submissive mindset. It s akin to Elite and peasant kind of mindset back in those Medieval period.

felicity said...

Most of them are protected. Even POS Malaysia - price of stamps were increased to 60 sen before the shares were transferred.

Don't you notice while the govt is promoting Malaysians to sell to the world, SM is only selling to Msians - any program that one is promote is to start from your home.

We do not see that in SM except for Proton which are relying on local businesses. If I am critical of YTL, at least they reach out to a large extent nowadays. Tony Fernandez looks beyond Malaysia.

This one "jaguh kampung" with lots of help.

Malaysia Investor said...
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