Saturday, January 11, 2014

MAHB's dividend reinvestment

Just received the dividend reinvestment option from Malaysia Airport. As it is offered at RM8.06 and the share is being traded at RM8.75 as of yesterday.

It is a good option to take up. As below is the one I received. What one need to do is to put down how many units you would like to take up - in my case it is 16 units and send back to the address as in the envelope. Stamp duty not needed.

On Airport's potential, despite the challenges for 2014, I believe that with Visit Malaysia Year 2014 and more people warming to the idea of travelling either for business or leisure - they will do well.

This year is also the year where KLIA2 will open. This means that potentially low costs airlines will ramp up the number of planes that will use KLIA which is good for Airport. There are much larger retail space as well.


Betronist said...

Glad to see more and more PLCs in Malaysia doing dividend reinvestment. This should solve the dilemma of rewarding shareholders vs perserving cash for capital reinvestment.

Just curious Felicity: I like the business model of MAHB too for being the monopoly of airport industry. My question is -- don't you have slight worry on its political risk and also the ability of "government" running the business? You know, idiots can ruin a beautiful business.

AdCool said...

With purchase of odd units, we barely can do anything with it cause the selling must be done in a 100 units. The only time it rewards you is when there is a declared of Dividend. I have some odd units in a counter and have been keeping them for years.