Thursday, December 12, 2013

From Proton Perdana, you basically know how far DRB can go

I have nothing much to comment here except recommending you to read the article from Paul Tan's blog. And be a little bit critical in your thoughts. Of course Paul Tan is not going to be saying anything negative as his livelihood is dependent on blogging - me? No.

One can just walk into any of the Honda's showroom if they still have the model in display to judge how far the difference the one provided to the Malaysian government versus the current Honda Accord model. I believe Honda is coming up with a new model soon as can be seen through here.

DRB-HICOM has many hidden assets but that remains to be it. Proton will be the largest achilles heel while juggling to be a conglomerate, with many diverse interests at the same time. It will continue to recycle Persona, Saga etc. and not able to come out with much of a new product.

The larger car manufacturers - Toyota, GM, Ford, VW - are producing new models in double digits, while Proton is struggling with one a year. In a globally very competitive market, it is of no use to continue with the car project except for just being stubborn, as it is not even a national car project.

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