Friday, November 8, 2013

Airasia: Is this the beginning of its deterioration

I always believe that co-operation between government and private has to have both parties playing to the tunes. Malays have this saying that "you need both sides of your hands to clap. A single side does not clap itself." The fact that Airasia has a change in its management structure shows that something had to be done internally and there could be things that we do not know.

The fact that now the liaison chief has to appear and apologise so soon shows that one side is so powerful and the other probably has to obey. I mean what did the Airasia X's CEO said that caused him to be needing to apologise. And worse still, the apology is on another person's behave - unbelievable. It is like you work for your company and out of principle, you refuse to apologize due to something which you yourself believe is not wrong and forced to say sorry - you refuse to and your boss is doing it on your behalf. Let me know, how you feel.

I never know that Tony Fernandez as a CEO would succumb to such a low especially after the "Apprentice" thingy. Now, Airasia is a very respectable company due to the things that it had done. It has helped to increase the revenue of Malaysia Airport substantially. Without Airasia, KLIA2 may not be needed. Without Airasia, there may not be another Malindo. Without Airasia, many travellers would still be travelling at a much premium prices and agreeing to Ling Liong Sik's remark of MAS international routes subsidizing the local routes. Without Airasia, many budget travellers may not use KL as the transit and perhaps not spend that money in Malaysia. Without Airasia, many more would not be hired. With Airasia, our income from tourists probably increased. With Airasia, many more travelled. With Airasia, more potential businesses made happened.

So what is the problem with Airasia? Yes, it may be cocky at times, but still the benefits that Airasia had created... Business is business. Airasia needs to be profitable, squeezed the hell out of its suppliers, customers but still people use them. It is judged by its performance but not needing to succumb to such a lowly behavior. If Airasia feels that it need not advertise with Utusan, what's wrong with that?

I see CIMB smartly advertises with Malaysiakini. Because they have done their homework on who reads what. Who are their target market.

After all these, I am still sad to see that it needs to apologize. For business that is...but what about the benefits it has brought?

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Since when kowtow became AirAsia's culture?