Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hospital Asia: Go for it

I know that Airasia was a revolution in addressing the high cost in travelling. I also remember how, the then Minister of Transport was pointing towards international routes subsidizing local routes for MAS, until Airasia came. Now, the high costs in health is a much much more important issue which we need to address. Airasia may have been faulted for adding other costs to its airline tickets which I am feeling a little bit annoyed on, but you have helped to create a new type of service and more competition.

I am not so sure, how this idea will be attempted but, yes healthcare is too expensive and many practitioners are too greedy, unethical to only focus on profits.

Go for it, compete hard against the likes of IHH, Sime Darby, KPJ. I would love to see how this group can lead the way. Compete the hell out of these guys!


Betronist said...

While it is good to create competition, I think the business model of low-cost healthcare might not be as great as AA, as huge chunk of the "end-payers" of the medical services are not consumers themselves but insurance companies. For those who covered by insurances, they would still opt for premium hospital.

felicity said...

You got a very valid point there, but I think that insurance companies are really monitoring the usage now.

But even before AA, the corporations were using business class and willing to pay expensive tickets when flying, The advent of AA has caused corporations to be more careful when purchasing tickets, to the extent that GLC companies are using AA.

Healthcare may or may not be a more difficult business model as I am wondering how to reduce costs on healthcare. The margins that private hospitals are getting may be the attraction now.

but look at it this way, the equipment maximization may be the way to increase usage while reducing the costs per use.

Lower costs healthacare may not solve everything but will allow more options for people.