Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This is something no normal airline can do

Can an airline dance? Can it bend backward? Most normal airlines can't. When I say normal means they are usually state owned or state backed as it has been mostly state-backed as we can see it.

But the new normal for an airline can just do this...and they are competing against the state-backed.

Which is what makes them different. Can you remember an airline doing a deal with the government of Malaysia - MAS - few months later, walked out. Launch the London route - make a big publicity from it, the CEO met the Prime Minister of UK - years later walked out.

A successful person or company will just know when to cut and do something else, elsewhere.

Well, which is why I am betting that it will continue to grow.


MS said...

Are u going to buy air asia now? I mean low enough to enter since u are betting on it...

felicity said...

Ya, I think the price drop recently could be due to shareholders subscribing to the Airasia X's IPO.

People may not want to be overexposed to a certain industry. Now that the book building is done, the selling of Airasia has also slowed, I think.