Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Where's the RM60 million?

I have been reading through the announcement. I can't find anywhere that is worth RM60 million in the merger. Can you?


Multi said...

Not in the press release but in another announcement. I sum up only RM56 million,you are right, cant get RM60 mil also.

Unknown said...

Hi Felice,

I have a liking for consumer stocks and one which is particularly in my sights is Oriental Food Industries. Looks healthy and products are being rolled out and promoted.

I am one of their main supplier for their foods and business had been good for us (in which it translates into good selling for their products as well in some sense). I am quite a greenhorn in stocks and would humbly seek your advice on Oriental.



felicity said...

If you are confident, you should go in as nothing beats what you yourself know.