Friday, April 26, 2013

What type of business you should invest in?

I always treat investment like investing into a business. If it does not pass one of my test, "Is it dependent on the government's largesse?" I will stay away.

I was reading this article on Bloomberg, where in one section, it interviews the CEO of Supermax. For a businessman, usually they are not that brave to say what he said. But then again, for the type of business he is in, he probably could not care less. Or probably he had already made a calculated move. His business is not affected whoever wins. His market is global. The banks will still stick to him as there are enough choices for him to go to. For him to get license to operate, I think it does not make much impact due to Supermax' size.

Now this is what you should invest in. I remember many were asking on the potential impact of the general election to the market as it was drawing near. You see any, so far?

I think for some who held on to much cash, they probably missed the boat - and one of them is probably Icap!


Betronist said...

Agreed with the author.

My brother (who is doing biz in Shanghai) once told me that:
- To do biz in Sg and HK, you need to be competitive
- To do biz in China, u need to entertain the bosses and deliver results thereafter
- To do biz in M'sia, you need to be politically connected and pay bribes

It is only up to the M'sians to fend off such reputation if we truly wanna grow our economy.

Anyway, there are many non-politically linked companies (at least not substantially linked) in Bursa, it is up to us to dig from the mine.

Black Ink said...

PWROOT ticks all the boxes. Latest financials:

Its really doing well in the Middle East.