Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Election time but portfolio still the same...

As mentioned in several of my replies, I am not too concerned over the election and today the parliament has been dissolved. It is uncertainty period but in shares it has always been lots of uncertainties - just have to pick the right stocks.

I have updated my portfolio report, but just to say sorry that nothing has changed  over the last few months - just the price. I could not find much reasons to buy or sell. Over the last few weeks, I was looking for opportunities to buy a little bit of Time Dotcom to make up to 2,500 units as I am now owning 2,100 units. I however could not find the right price to buy them. It has now gone up further, hence gonna wait further.

Because of the position is full, I do not have much money left to buy. Of course, over the period I have mentioned of several good stocks which I may have bought - one of it Freight Management. Run out of money for the portfolio now though.

Over time, you may see me posting lesser and lesser as my point of view on stocks will always remain to be consistent while the universe of good Malaysian stocks is running out of my list to be mentioned. Again, if you found good ones, please do send me a note. I will try my best.


alwayswin111 said...

Am I right in saying that you intend to keep your portfolio for a very long time, disposing only if any adverse news on particular counter surface.?
No target prices?
I admire your stock pick and intend to accumulate some gradually . Please advise.
By the way could I have your views on PPB, Presbhd and KFIMA .

富升 said...


do you think Ajiya, success and Scicom is good stock for long terms / middle term investment?

Ironman said...

Hi, felicity, there is a one small capital stock called Spritzer, which is manufacturing mineral water. Its bussiness model and its advantage is its brand. I think this company might suit your investing methology.

Big Sea said...

Felicity. What do you think of MBSB, CBIP and Favco?
1). MBSB -
Holding on to Personal Loan to government servant. Government servants are unlikely to lose jobs regardless of BN or PR win the election. They will get more goodies either way and fuel their spending.

2). CBIP -
A look at Indonesian Planters such as First Res, Bumitama we will notice that there is a massive growth plan for Palm Oil. Not sure if that will results in over capacity. As a equipment manufacturer, CBIP has a lower risk exposure.

3). FAVCO -
Most of the order book of FAVCO are from oversea, coming from companies like Keppel. This should be a good indicator of FAVCO's competitiveness and capability.

felicity said...

FAVCO is good - however recently there may be slowdown in construction globally...I am not sure whether it will affect Favco.

I however am not too keen on MBSB type of companies despite the attractiveness. Its structure is never meant to be efficient. Very protected.

felicity said...

Spritzer seems interesting except for the business it is in which is pretty competitive now having several very large players in the business.

Unknown said...

Hi Felicity,

How about Hartalega, Scientex and Deleum?

felicity said...

I like Harta and Scientex.