Monday, April 15, 2013

Airport's Dividend Reinvestment Plan - What to do?

I remember I was questioned twice on the Malaysia Airport's Dividend Reinvestment Plan. Well, here I am going to go to basics on what to do with it.

Today's Malaysia Airport closing price - RM5.72
Dividend declared per share - RM0.0763
Reinvestment Option price - RM5.14

In today's announcement, here is part of the form as announced.

Now, see the closing price of RM5.72 is way higher than the reinvestment option price at RM5.14.
I am going to take the option of reinvestment plan. Based on Felice's Fund, I am entitled to RM0.0763 x 2,126 = RM162.21 dividend.

However as I am taking the option of reinvesting the dividend, I shall take a total new Airport's shares of
31 shares @ RM5.14 = RM159.34.

Hence, I am taking 31 new shares and a paltry sum of cash totalling RM162.21 - RM159.34 = RM2.87.


Unknown said...
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Teoh said...

Hi there,
Stumbled upon this blog and finds this whole mountain of information. Two thumbs up for the great write up.
On the dividend reinvestment plan, how are we going to handle such an odd number of shares in future? Wait for the next reinvestment plan or sell as odd lots?

felicity said...

I guess wait.