Saturday, March 2, 2013

Out of the country

Some may be wondering why I have not been posting. Over the last 1 week I have not been in the country traveling to Europe. At the same time, I have been following the results for the fourth quarter. I guess some of the holdings that I have created are doing pretty well - DKSH, Airasia, Jobstreet. Others like Wellcall may not be to my surprise as the revenue dropped quite a bit. I thought that it has pricing power and with the easing of rubber prices, it is supposed to be doing well. Not really.

Anyway, if you have been following my blog, just look at what happened to Patimas, Asia should just be careful when comes to stocks as such. Sitting in London, I am just seeing slowdown, although it seems that it is still a touristy place with very nice museums and other places to visit even during winter. While I like most of the things here, there seems to be that Europe may not be picking up that fast. There is a sense of it is trying hard while depending on foreigners to invest in multiple areas such as real estates, financial products. However, I feel that that the country is feeling a bit jaded, with the people hoping for more overseas money while not really be thankful for that. Most parts of Asia seem to be much more vibrant, exciting which is why I can see that many European companies are buying assets at inflated prices here in Asia - such as the F&N Singapore deal.

Anyway chow - I am off to a country with 20% unemployment - Spain and lets see how bad it is.


CrabGrill said...

Do you see how the utilization of section 108 tax credit before it expires at 2013 benefit the major shareholder?

felicity said...

I believe some companies may still benefit out of it but most won't. In any case, it is more important to pay dividends only when a company can afford it - not because of the S108