Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kwasa Land and their potential pretenders

Was talking to a friend and were discussing about the potential of Kwasa Land - aka Kwasa Damansara, the RRIM project covering 2230 acres of development land initiated by the government.
I did some reading on the project although no parcels have yet to be awarded by EPF being the passive developer / owner. Of course many developers are eyeing this project located in a prime area with all kinds of facilities such as highway, MRT, green lung park - usual suspects like SP Setia, Sunway, Dijaya, Mah Sing, UM Land, IJM etc. and some smaller ones. When I was reading some of the forums, came across the comments on Hilarious...

1) Mah Sing - they will squeeze the max unit of house in the small plot of land, then remind you to buy by sending 100 sms to you in a week.
2) Empire Group - they will convert the residential land to commercial title then build SOHO/SOVO, 300sqft BU without car park given. Outsource Prop Agent to market their products (no in house sales), with price list written in pencil.
3) Sunway - they sell you the future price in 2020, then give u early bird discount, PAL member discount, rebate, renovation incentive, long list of discount. If u entitle 90% loan u still have positive money back. Sunway choice of land is Leasehold, near HTC, near TNB main station (judging from their Charlis, Rymbal Hill, 3 Harmony choice of land)
4) Tan & Tan - least aggresive developer, they will keep the land undeveloped till the cows come home. "Tan & Tan" means "Wait and Wait" in Hokkien.
5) Monoland - They will build undersize condo (600sqft) and oversize condo (2000sqft). Knowing nobody interested in 2000sqft condo, then force u to buy in pair. 600sqft paired with 2000sqft. No catalogue, No website, nothing given to u even after u sign S&P.
6) Dijaya - Overprice overprice, if u think SHC's 9 Bkt Utama 2000sqft at 1million is expensive, let's look at their Tropicana Grande NKVE facing condo, 2000sqft @ RM2million
7) INP - Purposely price the products under priced, create a chaos, when u attend the balloting, 80% fully booked by internal (directors, associates, government officers, staffs and family), then thousands of public q up fight for the remaining 20%. Those who want the 80% pre-booked choice unit, then under table transactions...."you help me, i help you!!"

Disclaimer: The above opinion on the developers of course are not mine.

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