Monday, November 26, 2012

Catcha Media: When a Press Release is not really that useful

Press releases in Bursa are supposed to summarize and help identifying to investors important areas where we want to know on the operations of the business. But the press release by Catcha Media is hardly that. Instead of telling us the performance of the company, it releases something which is of less significant. I wanted to know the current performance of its business as well as where it sees it is heading.

The profit from its disposal is supposed to be one-off and of less significant, but yet this is what we get. Why waste Bursa's space?

In the actual results, what is more important is the one boxed in red as below. Instead, it highlighted the results boxed in yellow.

Also notice the cash reserves after 1-1/2 year of listing. The company just went on a spending spree.

Today, the company is worth RM57 million in the market, but there is hardly anything in the balance sheet.

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