Thursday, September 6, 2012

Astro-Maxis tie up: Wake up guys!

So at last Maxis and Astro decide to do tie-up, although the nature of the tie-up is yet still blurr. What was not possible due to each party's "protecting the brand and turf's" mentality, is now made possible probably from the Number 1 in this case - Ananda?

What is the outcome in this?

Astro is way-way stronger in terms of content production and channels delivery to the masses in Malaysia. It is Number 1 by far. Who is Number 2? Media Prima - some may not even know the name ... err TV3, NTV7 ring the bell?

In my previous article, I have mentioned at length of Astro's dominance but yet its growth is to be curtailed in future not due to local competition but the nature of the content deliveries technologies (and content itself) moving forward. IPTV is to gain dominance and who has the best infrastructure in terms of IP delivery - TM. Astro's delivery infrastructure is old!

Maxis rents the HSBB (fiber) infrastructure from TM. And from there, Maxis offers its own fiber packages to the Malaysian masses. Sounds confusing? Well, let's put it in another way. TM build the roads with the help of the government. TM puts its own toll booth and Maxis does that as well renting the booths and toll roads from TM. Who provides the transport? Astro. But so far it only offers that to Maxis using the toll roads that Maxis rents from TM.

Do I see something missing? There is still the monopoly element here. Astro does not compete against TM. Neither does it competes against Maxis as Maxis is not into content. Not that I see it.

Where are the tie-ups between Astro and TM, Digi, Celcom, P1, YES?

Bring it on. And lose the monopolistics element in content deliveries! Drop the exclusivity(ies).

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