Friday, July 13, 2012

A slight change in policy for commenting

As I am still learning the trade of blogging, I am still taking advice. For those who would like to comment, I am adding the requirement for either a Google account or Open ID account. I no longer allow "Anonymous" posting. You may also go to my facebook for comment. In fact, I do like that.

I am sorry that you may not like some of my articles that I may have written. It is strictly my own opinion, however and I may be wrong. While I am on the constant lookout for good stocks or companies, there are times I may have found stones rather than gem. I may still comment on that.

If I encounter any financial trend or doings which I may not like, sometimes I may highlight them as well.

Another thing which I would like to highlight is I do value "owner" and "management", in fact in most cases more than financials. Hence, the companies I like may not necessarily be just strong financials or undervalued assets.

How do we judge management? Most of the time track record, as I am trying to do here for myself.

Thanks for the support though.


SureWin said...

Hi Feli,

Fair comment, we are no saint. Sometimes we hit the jackpot, and other times we hit the wall. Keep up your good analysis and I enjoy reading your blog daily. In fact, I would check out your blog whenever possible. Keep it UPPPP.


William said...

I believe it is easier for you to reply the comment, if you can call us by name, instead of anonymous.

There is no need to feel sorry in my opinion. You write what you like, and we read what we like. If people do not like, they can choose to ignore it.

Making investment decision based on single blog post is really a silly mistake I think people should avoid.