Thursday, July 26, 2012

If you want to pit your trading skill, pit against this man!

Not Vincent Tan, not Syed Mokhtar as these guys are not traders. Check this out.

As at 25 Jul 2012

He controls a total 8 companies BUT with a combined market capitalisation of less than RM1 billion. Maybe in fact even more counters, which I may have lost track of. Anyone heard of these counters? All Main Board though. Collecting SMALL USELESS counters is a HOBBY (except for GBH).

Why so many but yet so small? So that he can trade against you. Look at the list of companies. Officially, he does not even own more than 40% on any of the companies he controls except for GBH. But try buying those counters.

These companies are not at all exciting. Minimal profit, if any. Hence, minimal dividend as well, again if any.

Then why bother buying these companies - only for the traders or speculators. But I am willing to bet he will beat most of us hands down. His companies are all zero sum game - maybe even negative sum as he wins we lose.

Why? He has most information at hand. He knows who are the ones who have the power to hold for longer period, who cannot. Eventually, these so called long term holders can't hold on for long anyway, as they do not gain anything from these shares. Most who hold his counters are those who got caught. He likes it that way actually.

Also, he can bet big, we can't. He has cash, we have little. On paper, he already wins.

He is not bothered to build the business of these companies, ONLY for the traders.

So, who is he?

ROBERT TAN (TAN SRI) - not the IGB one ya!

Check him out. Mind you, he does not understand what I write, as he does not read English, but yet thousand times richer - than me. Now you know why I am not a trader.


富升 said...

I still not understand why Mr. Tan hold this share......

The price is not moving so how Mr. Tan make money?

The purposes to hold this share ?

Can teach me?

felicity said...

Sorry have been busy. Anyway, he is rich (very). I think his idea of companies are to own cheap companies, control them but they are not into building the business much as you can see the companies under the portfolio.
Controlling companies will allow them to have access over who the shareholders are etc.
Once a while some shareholders / speculators who do not care about the business of the companies would make some purchase. He sees it as opportunity to make some money from the speculator.

Mr. Ongmali said...

Many say Mr Tan is a proxy for some political figure in MCA/UMNO and it could be true as he does not own the majority of these companies.