Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I am NOT asking you to follow my opinion!

Someone asked me whether do I have the license to provide investment advice and am I allowed to put any call on my blog. I do not have a license currently, although I used to have. This is not important though as I am not making any calls.

As mentioned before, this is my own opinion and I have not recommended buy or sell. As in all my articles, I do not put a "Buy", "Hold" or "Sell" call for any of the stocks. Do judge my blog through the reasoning and rationale I have put up, rather than how qualified I am. Remember, stocks investment is more of an art rather than a science.

I only put through my opinion on the stocks. And in some of the stocks, I have even asked your opinion on some of my calls. Please do your own judgement on the stocks that you intend to buy or sell. I in fact recommend readers to do his/her own research. Some of my articles, I have used some companies as an example on why it can be a bad or good investment. Hence, I am using real examples.

Do your own research please, and I welcome any opinion. If I have the time, and do have opinion on any company, I will put my piece.
If any of my article, I happened to put a call, please highlight to me as I may have mistyped.

You know, the funny feeling is that, I feel I am a better stocks picker when I am out of the industry - again, my personal opinion.



Anonymous said...

very well put, I agree with you, dun bother what other people who are just jealous... ur articles are knowledgable, intelligent yet savoury.. !

if you would like some side income on your website maybe I can suggest you can put up some advertisements on your blog like what others are doing, google adsense etc

rgds your loyal reader

Anonymous said...

dont be bothered by what others has to say...

dont like it, dont enter the URL and done come here and read.

food not nice, not to your taste, no one force you to see, smell is free but u can also choose not to smell it.

Blog is international, not only for SG or MY.

frogs in the well...ignore them

Anonymous said...

I think sifu used to be advisor but not anymore. Sifu afraid we follow him loss big time and blame him.

felicity said...

Thanks, but I do not think I am sifu. I am just a person who has done decently well in the market. With the same method I used and experienced, I believe I can provide some opinion.
Please do not treat my blog as my recommendation. Most of the time, go through what I put as example. I am sure you will be able to find some similar examples that you have come across. Probably, my biggest advice is analyze and think.

Anonymous said...

modest sifu said he is not sifu but same level as those sifu :-)

Sunny said...

Be used to it and do not respond. An investor's view. Save your time for more important matters.

Felicity said...

It's ok just that I am covered so that I am not claimed to provide investment advice