Friday, July 6, 2012

FGVH is well traded and trade supported - as believed

Based on the below, you can see that FGVH has 3 public funds (EPF, Tabung Haji, KWAP) which holds more than 5%. It is traded almost daily by EPF as well, until now. Well, EPF will buy and sell so that they can disguise their action from us.

Do you see what I see?

By the way, did I already mentioned I like Bursa's new website? Good for you, Bursa.

Disclaimer: The writer is not into short term trading of the stock. All views are just to show that this stock is a well traded stock.


Anonymous said...

Thx 4 ur sharing. Do u trade Singapore stock? How u think abt wilmar and genting sp? I scare to buy Makysians stock due to election risk.

felicity said...

I don't buy Spore stocks because I felt that singapore stocks are even less attractive than Malaysia - sorry for that, I may be wrong. To me there are not enough quality Singapore stocks to trade. However i do trade US stocks via Spore.

Having said that both Wilmar and Genting Spore are quite attractive especially Wilmar.

Anonymous said...

May I know why u said it Is less attractive? Malaysia stock mostly overprice with high p/e compare to singapre stock.

Anonymous said...

Do you think election risk is high for investor? Or wait when stock bcm cheaper and just enter? Thx a lot.

felicity said...


Maybe I should rephrase why I am not into Spore stocks. Like I said Wilmar is good but I just did not buy it. In fact Wilmar is more attractive than any other plantation stocks in Malaysia, if I am going into that sector.

Why am I not in Spore? Because I am in Malaysia. You see, when I am in Malaysia, my stocks universe is Malaysia Alone. However, for my account in Spore, my stocks universe suddenly includes US and Europe. I find that from there there are much more exciting stocks to buy beyond Singapore. These include bank stocks in US, Apple, McD etc. (Ya, I feel that bank stocks are cheap in US, not Malaysia)

Then, you may ask why I buy Malaysia then. Well, I need those money in Malaysia as well as I know Malaysia companies best.

Whatever, it is I feel that for long term investors now is time to buy US.

felicity said...

As for election risk, I am not sure what you mean but say if the current govt wins, status quo. If new government, if I try to understand what you mean - I do not think there is risk. I am living in states where the opposition govt rules.
Frankly, as an investor I do not think so much of political risk in Malaysia. And if you notice, I seldom recommend political linked companies unless they are fundamentally sound with or without change in govt.

Anonymous said...
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