Tuesday, July 17, 2012

EPF's full withdrawal at 60

It seems that the proposal for full EPF's withdrawal extended to 60 is true. Unfortunately, it went without much to be debated. The time for government knows best is over and yet we are being treated like kids. Priority should be on money management which we are to do ourselves rather than thinking of managing it for us.

C'mon, this is just too disappointing.

My other article on this:

EPF, I want all my money back by 55.


Newbie said...

This news make me sad and angry.

The present government is spending money like nobody's business.
And we can only get OUR OWN money at 60.

Damn the present government for this.

felicity said...

Let's not think about politics, but this new ruling will be bad for the country as it will concentrate our people's wealth to a single organization to manage (for too long), which is bad and allowing room for mismanagement.

Newbie said...

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jack-max said...

EPF dun have money pay retiree already. Look at tv3, those repay PTPTN debt advertising running wild. All EPF do is give money to ah-jib and ah-jib company.

nik said...

Yesterday NST.EPF guy says still can withdraw @55. Minister got it wrong prolly.

Unknown said...

Great. lets hope this will stay...