Thursday, July 26, 2012

Airasia acquiring Batavia Air - see what I meant

Airasia is acquiring 49% of Batavia Air while the remaining 51% is acquired by its Indonesian partner. I have mentioned that it is looking at Indonesia as the base for growth and in fact this deal is even better, accelerating further the growth of Airasia as a group.

If anyone is holding any airline stocks in the region be it SIA, MAS, Cathay Pacific, Qantas etc, do change your holding as this Malaysian company is moving mountains. The larger premium airlines should be very afraid as the future of airline business is in low costs not your premium business seats!

Do not even bother about looking at the acquisition price they are paying for, as there is no point comparing someone so flexible who can bend, squat, run, hide while the other national airlines can only sit and watch. There is no competition in the future when comes to a company which can do deals with anyone overseas. Against these players, Airasia is just competing on a different rule. The deal is just an example on how fast they can get things done. National airlines would have it much more difficult.

This is the real Airasia as it no longer is a Malaysian based airline.

See announcements below.

AirAsia Accelerates Indonesian Expansion Plans
AirAsia and PT Fersindo Nusaperkasa acquire Batavia Air
Thursday, 26 July 2012 for immediate release

Jakarta, Indonesia: AirAsia Berhad (“AAB”) today announced that it has through its fully owned subsidiary AirAsia Investment Ltd entered into a Conditional Share Sale Agreement ("CSSA") together with its partner PT Fersindo Nusaperkasa (“Fersindo”) to acquire PT Metro Batavia (“Metro Batavia”), which operates the Indonesian airline, Batavia Air, and Aero Flyer Institute (“AFI”), an aviation training school (together “Metro Batavia Group”). The agreement was signed today between AAB, Fersindo and Metro Batavia at a signing ceremony in Jakarta.

In accordance with Indonesian civil aviation ownership regulations, AAB will hold a 49% stake in Metro Batavia Group with the 51% majority held by its Indonesian partner, Fersindo. Fersindo is also the 51% majority shareholder of PT Indonesia AirAsia (“IAA”). The total purchasing consideration for Metro Batavia Group is USD80 million (equivalent to approximately RM253 million) and will be settled in cash. The acquisition of 100% interest in Metro Batavia by AAB and Fersindo will be carried out in two stages, through acquisition of a majority 76.95% stake and subsequently followed by the remaining 23.05% held by its existing shareholders.

Correspondingly, the total purchasing consideration for 100% interest in AFI is USD1 million (approximately RM3.2 million). The acquisition is expected to complete by 2nd quarter 2013 and is subject to regulatory approvals in Indonesia.

This new acquisition will complement AirAsia’s existing Indonesian operations, IAA, which has successfully captured strong market share in Indonesia’s international airline traffic, with an extensive and well-established domestic route network throughout the Indonesian archipelago. The Batavia Air acquisition provides greater domestic connectivity and an extensive feeder network into IAA’s existing hubs in Jakarta, Bandung, Denpasar, Medan and Surabaya. Upon the successful acquisition, Batavia Air and IAA will fly more than 14 million customers serving 42 Indonesian and 12 international destinations. The addition of Batavia Air will provide AirAsia immediate access to an enlarged fleet of aircraft, experienced pilots and flight crew and increasingly competitive slots at major Indonesian airports at a time when Indonesia’s travel sector is experiencing double-digit growth on the back of rapidly growing consumer demand for air travel.

Following the acquisition the number of distribution channels in Indonesia will increase ten-fold to over 5000 authorised agents and more than 70 sales outlets. With this enlarged agency footprint AirAsia will be able to reach even more customers while complementing our internet based sales. “The Batavia Air acquisition is a fantastic opportunity for AirAsia to accelerate our growth plans in one of the most exciting aviation markets in Asia and further underlines our belief in the growth potential of Indonesia’s aviation sector,” said Tan Sri Dr Tony Fernandes, Group CEO and Director of AAB.

Founded in 2002, Batavia Air has earned its reputation as a leading domestic airline with a strong safety track record throughout its operating history. Operating a fleet of 33 aircraft, Batavia has consistently held significant domestic market share through serving 41 domestic routes and has recently expanded its route network to international destinations such as Singapore, Jeddah, Riyadh, Kuching, Dili and Guangzhou. A certified flight school, simulator training centre and aircraft maintenance facilities also support Batavia Air’s operations.

“I am proud to have built Batavia Air into a leading Indonesian airline from its humble beginnings. Recent developments in the airline industry have made me recognise that Batavia Air requires greater scale in order to compete and grow further, and I am so pleased that AirAsia will now take Batavia Air to even greater heights,” said Bapak Yudiawan Tansari, Batavia Air’s founder.

“We are impressed with Batavia Air’s achievements over the past 10 years and will continue to build on Bapak Yudiawan’s legacy. We are excited with the potential synergies this acquisition will bring to AirAsia Group and see this as a natural extension of the success we have achieved with IAA . Indonesian air travelers can all look forward to even more affordable fares soon,” remarked Tan’ Sri Dr Tony Fernandes.


khengsiong said...

Batavia Air flies to Riyadh and Jeddah. These are long/medium haul flights. How would it fit into the strategy of Indonesia AirAsia, which primarily does short-haul flights?

Not all M&A work out. I keep my fingers crossed.

felicity said...

Hi Kheng Siong

This is not so much a M&A, over time this is more of buying presence and route. Trust me on this, although I do not work in Airasia :)

This is getting to the place they want to be quicker.