Friday, June 1, 2012

Will EPF buy into FELDA now that its CIO is a director / shareholder post IPO

I am not interested in FELDA's IPO, but I am interested in protecting my money in EPF. You know what, after browsing through FELDA's prospectus I noticed something - the current Deputy CEO and co-acting as Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of EPF is also a director of FELDA.

As a director of FELDA, he is to be provided some shares - 150,000 to be exact (see below). With the retail pricing at RM4.55, that 150,000 shares is to be worth RM682,500.

I am still not interested in FELDA but my question is that will he as the CIO who can use his position to invest on behalf of all the EPF contributors be buying FELDA's shares. If he is, will that be considered as conflict of interest? Can someone let me know or SC check this if happens that EPF is taking up some stocks?


I have the hunch the government will get EPF to buy into FELDA as it needs those funds to provide better support for FELDA's stock price. Anyway EPF is into most KLCI stocks after all and FELDA is a very large listing - I am quite sure EPF will be in there.

If EPF is putting its money into Felda, then Shahril should resign from one of the position - either EPF or FELDA. Don't tell me he overlooked this being a person of such high position - or is it that he doesn't care with his potential immunities.

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