Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I can now throw VALUE out of the window

Woke up this morning and read Facebook decides to put a billion dollar into a tiny little company of 13 people. Instagram which is yet to make a single dollar was set up just 18 months ago.

For those who probably have to go through the daily rat race (includes me) will rue how come we do not have that luck. Well, stop dreaming and keep working! We are in the 99.9999999% group.

BTW, as I learned, No investor in this region will allow your company to not earn a single sen for 18 months and yet continue to plough money into you. They will be breathing down your neck...

As I see this, I seriously believe that this trend may result in another round of dotcom bust. (Already have a title for it --- The collapse of Dotcom 2.0) The valuation accorded to all these small companies are just ridiculous. Even the valuation of $100 billion for Facebook is just outrageous. And I do not even want to comment on Groupon, LinkedIn, Yelp etc. I do not even know and care what Yelp does, frankly.

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