Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bought Wellcall

Just bought 7,000 units of Wellcall today at RM1.52. (Name may not sound so nice but its a well managed company from the past records as we have seen. Who cares about name!) The purchase is due to I wanted a strong dividend income company in my portfolio. The purchase is gonna cost RM10,698.88 inclusive of trading costs.

The purchase is also due to I wanted to purchase a non-retail based stock, since owning Oldtown, DKSH and AEON.

The purchase was only made today with proceeds from sale of Genting. For those who would like to know more about Wellcall, check out my blog through this link.

Anyway, Wellcall is to send me a check for a 4 sen tax free dividend on 29 March as below.

Serious Investing!

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Malaysia Investor said...

Hi Felice,

Wellcall is an industrial hose manufacturer. What is their distinctive advantage over their competitor over a long run period?